Get to Know: LeRoy-Ostrander’s Kelly Hanson

Published 10:17 am Thursday, January 7, 2021

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Kelly Hanson is a senior at LeRoy-Ostrander.

Q: What sports do you compete in?

A: I compete in basketball and softball but am also in cheerleading. 

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Q: What’s your favorite sports memory?

A: My favorite sports memory is coming off of a losing season to then win our first playoff game against Rushford-Peterson my junior year along with receiving the game ball from KFIL. 

Q: What have you learned from sports?

A: I have learned how to have respect for myself, players, teammates, coaches and anyone who contributes to the sport or game. Playing sports also has taught me the meaning of family, how important commitment truly is, having responsibility not only for yourself but for the team, and I have also learned how to give and receive constructive criticism.

Q: Who is your biggest sports role model and why?

A: My biggest sports role model would be Coach Carrier. His passion for sports is amazing and his dedication to the teams, players, and sport is tremendous and I am thankful for that. 

Q: If you could have a conversation with anyone, who would it be?

A: If I could have a conversation with anyone it would be my grandma, because I have so many questions to ask her, ask for some advice and I would like to simply tell her how I’m doing. 

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

A: The biggest obstacle I’ve ever had to overcome would be my junior year, when I had a seizure like disorder, we couldn’t figure out what it was, and because of that it took me out of sports for a bit.

LeRoy-Ostrander’s Kelly Hanson pulls down a rebound against Southland’s Bailey Johnson in Adams in 2019. Herald File Photo

Q: What is your dream job?

A: My dream job would be anything that deals with farming or agriculture.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A:  My favorite food is a thick and juicy steak. 

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: My plans after high school are to attend college for diesel technology and go right to work. 

Q: How do you feel about living through a pandemic?

A:  I feel that living in this pandemic has caused way too many problems and it has effectively caused setbacks in sports players’ lives as well. I think it is a serious matter but at the same time I feel like it was blown out of proportion, but hopefully with time we can solve this problem and go back to our normal lives together.