Sarah Lysne: Learning about the power of love

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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I have shared with you the joy of friends and close relatives and their lives and the role they played in my life. I have also found the joy of positive thinking to control the mental anguish of ALS. Now I will share my thoughts and ideas I have discovered with the power of love and the role it played in shifting the mind set from ALS.

The Christmas season focuses on the birth of a man called Jesus and his teaching about Love.  We probably can agree that a man named Jesus moved about helping others and teaching them about Love. His divinity is up to each of us to decide but His teaching people of the time to Love is well documented.

The word Love simply means “to transcend the ethos.” In other words, to go beyond yourself.  It means to consider the other person ahead of oneself.

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I have found happiness searching and learning to Love. Going beyond my self-eases the mental pain of ALS.  I have learned this is what Christmas is so I can renew my commitment to go beyond myself and not to focus on the disease. I have attempted to reach out to others so I focus on kindness and giving and not my illness.

Merry Christmas and may your Christmas dreams come true.