Our Opinion: Schools look out for their own

Published 6:30 am Saturday, December 5, 2020

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As students and teachers once more work from distance learning platforms, it’s worth noting that COVID-19 is not the only hurdle for schools and that schools are still looking out for their own through a combined effort between faculty and students.

In particular, we’re talking about the Success Closet and Packer Pantry programs.

It’s easy as well as important to be concerned about the education students are receiving, especially when its done during a global pandemic.

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But there are other problems, including those students who may not be as well off as others. Their peers are helping provide for these students when they need a helping hand.

Anything from jackets and shoes to food is available through these programs and in our eyes, it’s just as important as the education students are receiving.

In short, the two programs strive to make sure students do not go without.

These types of outreach programs seek to ensure that students have what they need while going to school and do not burden them with extra hardships a student should haven’t to deal with.

However, these programs go beyond the school walls. They expand to families who are willing to help provide the items that students are in most need of.

“Our teachers and staff do an amazing job in looking for kids that are in need, whether it’s jackets, shoes, gloves or hats,” said Enrique Camarena, a success coach at IJ Holton Intermediate School. “We are so lucky to have these amazing families that help us with this. We can call them and they provide us with those items right away.”

This is an all level effort to ensure students only have to remember their studies.

These two programs are models of all the things that schools do for our students. More than simply educating students, school staff and peers are extending a hand to give all students a chance to succeed.