Our Opinion: Help the helpers

Published 6:30 am Saturday, December 12, 2020

It makes us happy to see the pictures over the last few weeks of organizations giving to the Salvation Army in Austin and we hope to see more.

This year, more than ever, the Salvation Army is called on to help those who may be struggling in some fashion or another; food, clothes, support, and more the Salvation Army offers when reaching out their hands.

But the Salvation Army relies on the rest of us to be a teammate in this work and this year, maybe more than years past, it will need that help.

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COVID-19 is taking its toll on the Salvation Army, pinching its own resources; resources needed when stepping up when people turn to them for help.

We urge you to continue giving when you can. A dollar here or there at their kettle locations throughout town could mean more than you know in helping your fellow citizens. Locally, the Salvation Army is a major player in helping the downtrodden and this year the situation of COVID-19 is demanding more of us.