Political guest column: Dornink: Will represent you the best I can

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, October 28, 2020

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Hi I’m Gene Dornink and I’m sure all of you are tired of all the campaigning and election nonsense. Me too, so here is my 800 word reason you should vote for me: (well maybe a little shorter for all our benefit).

I love the people in our community and will do the best I can to represent you.

I will work with anyone who has a good idea to make things better for all citizens.

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I will come to as many of your community events I can so you will have someone who understands your issues and needs.

I have not taken my campaign into the mud and tried to destroy my opponent so I look better. I want you to vote for me not against my opponent.

I will support our law enforcement, who keep our citizens safe.

I will put term limits on myself because I don’t think anyone should be in office for 18 years.

I will work with other senators to stop putting all the bills we vote on into one big omnibus bill. I want one bill, one vote. Then you’ll know what your elected officials really voted for.

I will never forget where I came from and that you, the people, are the ones who sent me to St. Paul.

I ask for your vote on Nov. 3.