Paid Political Letter: Why I endorse Evan Sorenson for school board

Published 6:30 am Saturday, October 17, 2020

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What makes a Good School Board Member?  A question I asked myself many times while working as an educator for 25 years.  I’ve come to the conclusion that to be effective, certain traits need to be present.

Evan has established a clear vision of his platform and his priority of making Austin Schools a safe environment for students and staff.  His background as a Mower County Deputy and an Active Shooter Instructor has made him aware that in order for learning to be effective,  a safe physical environment is of utmost importance.

He is financially responsible in his personal life and knows the importance of setting a budget and following it. This trait, I believe, will carry over into decision making as a board member.

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Evan has always been a team player and a natural leader. While attending Austin High School and NDSU he was involved and engaged in all aspects of school and college life.  His positive experience in high school and college helped him realize the importance of how a well rounded education can help shape life choices. As the brother of a special needs student, he also learned first hand that the right to an equal education is for all students regardless of ability or disability, one of the things I am most proud of him for.

He knows the importance of collaboration and I am confident he will work well with other school board members, stakeholders, and staff while making a concerted effort to gather and analyze data to base his decisions on.

Finally, Evan loves this community and has made a decision to raise his family here.  He wants nothing but the best for all children in Austin.  I know him well and am proud to endorse him in his efforts to give back to the community. He has my vote!

Louise Sorenson

(Evan’s Mom!)

Austin, MN