Paid political letter: Sorenson ready to give back to school, community

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Dear Editor and the Good People of Austin,

In a few days, you will be asked to vote for those who are willing to serve on the Austin School Board. Some are incumbents and some are new to the scene. All have the desire to serve our schools and serve well.

We would like you to consider voting for Evan Sorenson. He has a vested interest in obtaining the best education, not only for his three daughters, but also for your children. During the stressful time of COVID-19, that is a real challenge. Evan doesn’t have all the answers, but is willing to research to find the best solution.

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Evan Sorenson is concerned about the physical safety and security of his children, your children, the staff and teachers of our schools. As a 10-year veteran of the Mower County Sheriff’s Department, he has been an active shooter instructor, and has developed and facilitated safety plans for school districts in and around the Austin area. Who wouldn’t want Evan Sorenson’s experience on the school board?

There is a long history of the Sorenson family being involved with Austin Public School system. Evan Sorenson attended Austin Public Schools and participated in sports and music. His wife, Nicole, who is a special education teacher, also graduated from Austin High School.

Evan received a great education in Austin. He is articulate, intelligent and has the listening skills you deserve. All that he has said during the campaign are his own words, coming directly from his heart.

Evan Sorenson has pledged to be transparent in all phases while serving on the school board. He will respond to your questions in a timely manner and encourages conversation and suggestions. Evan Sorenson is ready, willing and able to serve on the Austin School Board and by doing so, give back to his community.

Please vote for Evan Sorenson for Austin School Board!

Please vote!


Lonny and Selene Schulz