Paid political letter: Reasons why I am now a Republican

Published 6:30 am Saturday, October 24, 2020

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I’ve been an Independent most my life; and have voted Republican and Democrat in the past.  Three years ago I became a Republican.  I changed because from day one the media and Democrats treated President Trump and his family terribly – and that continues to this day. They are often inaccurate and just plain mean.  I do not want people running our government who are nasty and can’t be trusted to tell the truth.  I have never seen hate like I now see from the Dems.  I was taught that when I lost, to accept defeat graciously and then help the winner achieve their agenda. I feel it is wrong when the media and Dems obstruct everything the President tries to do, even when those things are good for the people.

I’m writing for Jim Hagedorn.  I personally have had conversations with Jim; he really cares about people of this area.  He’s humble, kind, makes visits to towns, businesses, farms, holds town halls and truly wants to know what affects us.  He was born and raised in this area and understands the people and problems we face. Jim believes in lower prescription prices and  decent healthcare for all people — including  pre-existing conditions. He will side with the people — and not big pharma -— and votes for the consequences of the TOTAL bill — not just one line item.

I do not want a person moved here two years ago by Pelosi to represent us.  Feehan doesn’t know us,  understand us and has lied.  Why Dan, weren’t you honest at the debate where your money comes from?  It isn’t right when your money comes from people of other states to pay your way to help you interfere in our business and sponsor inaccurate ads.  Ads need to be honest and based on true facts – not fabricated. Shame on you.  INTEGRITY comes from telling the TRUTH.  We need a person from OUR state representing us; someone who really cares for the right reasons.  VOTE JIM.

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JoAnn Lux

Sleepy Eye, MN