Paid political letter: A need for fresh perspective

Published 6:30 am Saturday, October 3, 2020

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I’ve heard Peggy Bennett say she got into politics for the 750 children she has taught over the years. I see her billboards say people before politics, but is she representing all of them?

Statistically about 75 of her students would identify with the LBGTQ community. She is not representing them when she votes for conversion therapy and against comprehensive sex education, largely aimed at acceptance of our LBGTQ friends and reducing the bullying that they endure. Statistically, about 94 of her students would be food insecure. She is not representing them when she votes against Second Harvest (a food pantry) that has bipartisan support.

Some of her students will become teachers, whom she does not support as she has never gotten their endorsement. Some of her students will become contractors or work for contractors. She had an opportunity to support them by passing the bonding bill for three major projects in our area and helping put them back to work and off of the unemployment rolls. I believe her slogan needs to be some people before politics or perhaps politics before people.

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I believe it is time for some fresh perspective. Please check out www.thomasfor27A and help me elect Thomas Martinez.

Susan Runden

Hayward, MN