The Wide Angle: Random bits of thought to give the impression I have a plan

Published 6:30 am Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Regardless of what the headline says, I don’t have a plan leading to another obnoxious row of a story that bends and curves to no particular whim whatsoever.

I don’t need to

watch the Vikings

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A keen observer can go through an entire NFL season without really watching the Minnesota Vikings.

Oh sure, there’s that football experience we all look forward to on Sundays. Crack a beer, break out the favorite snacks and don your favorite jersey with the number of the guy you were sure was going to lead us all to a Super Bowl until he threw an interception against the Saints when he ONLY HAD TO RUN 10 YARDS TO BE WITHIN FIELD GOAL KICKING DISTANCE! BRETT! FAVRE!

Not that I hold grudges and yes I know, the Saints cheated earlier. Moving on.

Either way, I learned a while back that if you can’t watch the game, just tune into Twitter and Facebook and watch the comments.

A stream of “Skol Vikings!” can quickly turn to jersey burning and gnashing of teeth and more comments of “So and so is worthless at his position. Why did we even acquire him?” followed moments later by “so and so is the best thing on this team.”

Being a fan is a very fluid process.

Outdoor acrobatics

The bird feeder outside of our home may be the best thing ever.

Not because of the numerous birds that show up outside our house each day, but because of the squirrel that visits, which I have masterly named Squirrely the squirrel.

Squirrely the squirrel, along with a couple rabbits, have become familiar with us and are regular visitor to the bird feeder, feeding off the scraps the birds throughfully throw to the ground.

Lately though, Squirrely has become a little more acrobatic and has begun to test the limits of the feeder.

The other day, I caught Squirrely about halfway up the feeder and then just Wednesday, over my lunch hour I witnessed him shimmy up the length of the feeder and expertly balanced on top of the swinging feeder itself.

I’ll admit it was impressive and may or may not have applauded when the squirrel looked in on me watching him.

Of course, the events have been a showstopper for the cats who watch with flickering tails and tensed muscles. If only that window wasn’t there to protect them from the wildlife outside.

Oh, Bend

When I was informed that my package from Amazon was ready for pick up, I was pretty excited if not a little confused.

Why was Amazon telling me my package was available for pick-up? Why couldn’t my package be delivered as normal? It was the third time I ordered from this particular company and it always got to me in about three days or so.

Imagine me shrugging my shoulders as I decided to jaunt down to the local post office, only to find out it was indeed ready to pick-up — in Bend, Oregon.

I guess I was happy it was ready, but Bend, Oregon seemed a bit extreme. Our Post Office did a great job tracking it down, but the real big question was this. It took about two days to get to Bend. Why then did it take nearly a full week to get back to me?

I have these questions and I doubt they will get answers. Either way, I now have it and I’m ready to continue homebrewing. All’s well that ends well.

Which is the same that could be said for this. Three things that required my stupid comments and hopefully end your week in some semblence of enteratinment.

If nothing else, at least I didn’t talk about politics.