Shamrockin run draws 62 runners

Published 6:48 pm Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Pacelli Catholic Schools combined two of the School’s annual events into one on Saturday, September 19 .

The sixth Annual Shamrockin’ Run was combined with Pacelli’s one-mile Walkathon.

“It was fun for Pacelli to put on an event for the whole community to take part in and enjoy, especially in these unusual times”, said Ryan Bickler, Run Committee Chair.

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Special precautions were evident at the event, with everything being outside, masks being worn right up to race time, lots of hand sanitizer and conscious social distancing. The usual post-race awards ceremony was not held, with the first three runners in each flight getting their medals by mail.

The runners take off at the starting line at the 5K Shamrock run. Photo provided

A total of 62 runners participated in the 5K Run and 57 walkers did the 1 mile Walkathon route. ranged in age from 6 to 67.

The fastest 5K time for the men’s division was turned in by Tom Cook at 17:18, followed by Christopher Truscott at 17:41 and Eric Overby at 19:22.

The fastest female was Shelley Letendre at 23:20, followed by Lenette Baron at 24:53 and Sarah Nelsen and Shelley King finishing together at 26:14. A complete list of

Results: Tom Cook (first, 17:18.49); Christopher Truscott (second, 17:41); Eric Overby (third, 19:22.62); Jonathan McDonongh (fourth, 29:25.41); Jeremiah Johnson (fifth, 20:39.78); Scott Reuter (sixth, 22:49.54); Shelley Letendre (seventh, 23:20.71); Mark Mayer (eighth, 23:23.55); Case Koopal (ninth, 23:43.97); Lenette Baron (10th, 24:53.67); Timothy Johnson (11th, 24:55.62); Isaac Johnson (12th, 25:02.14); Randy Kramer (13th, 25:02.14); Jake Truckenmiller (14th, 25:38.09); Mac Nelson (15th, 26:04.55); Sarah Nelson (16th, 26:13.94); Shelley King (17th, 26:14.48); Jed Nelson (18th, 26:17.03); Aaah Baron (19th, 26:56.46); Krista Kahle (20th, 26:56.93); Lydia Baron (21, 27:09); Robyn Bickler (22nd, 27:26.78); Stephanie Lewnway (23rd, 27:27.22); Amy Stande (24th, 27:27.21); Diamond Overby (25th, 28:18.07); Lance Srp (26th, 28:40.08); Amy Wollenburg (27th, 28:54.96); Faye Bollingberg (28th, 29:13.22);Josey Bednar (29th, 29:27.98); Steve King (30th, 29:55.74); Jacey Bednar (31st, 29:59.33); Marlie Klankowkski (32nd, 30:13.26); Marek Leif (33rd, 31:00.82); Becky Koopal (34th, 31:46.66); William Kahle (35th, 31:46.66); Madeline Klankowski (36th, 32:37.15); Ian Johnson (37th, 33:36.59); Sarah Johnson (38th, 34:01.33); Joel Nelson (39th, 34:09.77); Rolf Bollingberg (40th, 34:09.88); Logan Schaefer (41st, 35:45.07); Carrie Nelson (42nd, 35:59.25); Carissa Mattice (43rd, 38:24.75); Tom Shulte (44th, 39:59.89); Miriam Luehmann (45th, 42:16.92); Christine Frederick (46th, 44;09.17); Kathy Neve (47th, 44:09.59); Rachel Kahle (48th, 45:12.59); Eric Kahle (49th, 45:030.33); James Shulte (50th, 46:03.24); Kiki Fuerstenberg (51st, 46:18.04); Aubree Fuerstenberg (52nd, 46:18.45); Madi Rysavy (55th, 46:31.39); Peggy Drees (56h, 46:38.28); Josh Bednar (58th, 47:43.31); Diane Christopherson (59th, 48:29.39)

Running is a family affair for Jeremiah & Sarah Johnson, sons Isaac and Ian, and uncle Tim Johnson. Photo provided