Packers are fighting against the grind of virtual meets

Published 9:27 pm Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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It was a tough night on the scoreboard, but the Packers aren’t going to stop striving for improvements after they lost to Red Wing 97-83 in a virtual meet in Bud Higgins Pool Tuesday.

The night ended with senior Molly Sheehan sprinting to the finish of the 400-yard freestyle relay with her teammates Molly Garry, Mackenzie Carter and Madelyn Murley cheering her on all the way to the finish line. The Packer 400-freestyle team took first and Sheehan said the cheering of her relay teammates was much needed in a season that’s been filled with quiet competitions and no opponents in the pool.

“It has been really hard. Personally I like to have the other competitors next to me to talk to  each other, get each other, get each other pumped up and then race against each other,” Sheehan said. “It’s a friendly competition.”

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Sheehan also tried the 50-yard freestyle for the first time, where she took third and she also took second in the 100-yard breaststroke.

“My breaststroke wasn’t as good as it could be, but I’m going to get it better next week,” Sheehan said. 

Garry said she’s trying to keep the mood up during meets, but she admitted that it’s been a struggle to keep the intensity up in an empty Bud Higgins Pool.

“I don’t want this to feel normal. I want to go back to the way it was,” Garry said. “We have to keep our mental game strong and we have to be there for each other. We have good days and bad days and we try to be there for all of them.”

Reese Norton took first in diving for the Packers, and Murley took first in the 100-yard freestyle.


200-medley relay: Anna Kossman, Alivia Hemry, Sydney Tobak, Rose Garry (third, 2:21.76); Katherine Diaz, Madi Rysavy, Addison Tobak, Anita Rao (fifth, 2:42.40)

200-freestyle: Lucy Lagervall (third, 2:22.84); Ingrid Dolan Peterson (fourth, 2:22.96); Anna Bailey (sixth, 2:49.08)

50-freestyle: Molly Sheehan (third, 27.43); Mackenzie Carter (fifth, 29.38); Rose Garry (sixth, 20.18)

Diving: Reese Norton (first, 149.03); Mady Tuttle (second, 1:37.48); Katelynn Klouse (third, 127.64)

100-butterfly: Molly Garry (second, 1:10.24); Sydney Tobak (fourth, 1:14.48)

100-freestyle: Madelynn Murley (first, 1:01.59); Mackenzie Carter (fourth, 1:05.74); Anna Kossman (fifth, 1:08.06)

500-freestyle: Lucy Lagervall (third, 6:42.32)

200-freestyle relay: Molly Sheehan, Madelyn Murley, Mackenzie Carter, Molly Garry (second, 1:51.96); Ingrid Dolan Peterson, Alivia Hemry, Rose Garry, Lucy Lagervall (fourth, 2:03.80); Anna Kossman, Kaylee Butts, Madi Rysavy, Ellen Ekins (sixth, 2:06.54)

100-backstroke: Madelynn Murley (second, 1:12.78); Ingrid Dolan Peterson (fourth, 1:16.68); Anna Kossman (fifth, 1:18.55)

100-breaststroke: Molly Sheehan (second, 1:16.48); Sydney Tobak (fourth, 1:27.90); Alivia Hemry (fifth, 1:28.09)

400-freestyle relay: Molly Garry, Mackenzie Carter, Madelynn Murley, Molly Sheehan (first, 4:11.46); Lucy Lagervall, Ellen Ekins, Ingrid Dolan Peterson, Sydney Tobak (second, 4:34.97)