Our opinion: Find your happiness

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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Now, more than ever, it has become so important that we find our center, we find ourselves.

In an increasingly combative world where wrong and right are cut jaggedly in half with no middle ground for anybody, we must take our own steps to maintain our happiness in whatever ways we can.

It’s not a question that 2020 has been brutal and trying. COVID-19 has torn through the world, there is political infighting and so many other things, so it’s no wonder that we could all become depressed looking through any kind of media. Especially when that media is fluent in helping the spread of lies, untruths and general nastiness.

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That’s why it’s important, now more than ever, to find those things that make you happy, that can take you away from the mess we are sitting in and allows you to continue to be grounded and rooted to stress free living.

It becomes even more important moving forward into the holidays as many of us around the region, state and country will be forced to make alternate plans. In some of these plans it’s conceivable that Thanksgiving and Christmas will be done online or over the phone — close yet so far away.

That’s worked for many of the things so far, but we expect to be with our family during the holidays, and not being able to will raise our stress even more.

As hard as it may seem, we will need to improvise our life’s happiness in whichever way possible. Even something so simple as taking a walk or looking out the window are good first steps.

Reach out and call a friend or family member and talk about the little things that maybe you have taken for granted.

Talk about your favorite TV show, the weather or about your favorite book. Take up writing, pick up a camera, paint a picture.

This year is not easy and promises to remain complicated the rest of the way. We are in a marathon, no doubt about it, but all marathons end, so find your peace, find your stride and do what you can to maintain the positive and hopeful.

These are base formulas we’ll all need to come out on the other end.