Evie Mohrfeld: A trip through our travels while stuck at home

Published 6:30 am Saturday, September 5, 2020

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We’re taking in the colorful countryside as it unfolds all the

way into New Hampshire, through the White Mountains.

If you are a fan of the Von Trapp family and the “Sound of Music,” then we are surprising you with a stop in Stowe, Vermont, at the Trapp Family lodge, the grounds where the family grew up.

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One of the family grandchildren will also be there to give us a short welcome. Souvenirs will be available. The drive when leaving the area will take us on the scenic Kancamagus Highway.

We will then enter Maine and perhaps get our very first lighthouse tour at the Portland Headlight House. There you will be wowed by the Atlantic Ocean coastline through Kennebunkport and into Massachusetts. Can you believe that you will be spending time and the night in Boston?

A tour of historic Boston will be recreated by a local guide. Remember reading about the USS Constitution and the Old North Church where the lantern was hung in the window that spurred the midnight ride of Paul Revere?

Of course, you could make a second choice (not me).

On to exploring Cape Cod and a tour of Hyannisport and St. Francis Xavier Church, where many of the Kennedy family worshipped.

Are you ready for Route 66? This will take us to scenic and historic Cape Cod and Provincetown, along with Newport, Rhode Island.

We will then drive into New York City. Our local guide will take us to Greenwich Village, Wall Street, Times Square, the 911 Memorial and Museum with time to choose a Broadway Show. Now that’s awesome. A boat ride will take us to Ellis Island and walk the paths of our ancestors and the Statue of Liberty. That is a picture you will never forget.

Another memorial stop is Philadelphia, home of the National Constitution Center and the Liberty Bell. Although the Liberty Bell was moved after our visit, we did get to see both locations.  Remember to get your signed certificate after you viewed and perhaps had your picture taken alongside.

We are heading to a unique area now as we visit the Amish in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Expect neatly manicured homes and property. Some are coming into modernization with their family practices, but as we are guests in their home, the meals are all made of basic, wonderful home cooked dishes. You will also enjoy seeing the wonderful quilts that we know the Amish are so gifted at making.

Well, we are on our last lap. Would you believe that we are going to visit the world of chocolate in Hershey? A riding tour will give us a good summary of how our favorite chocolate is produced. Of course, there is a gift shop.

As we pass through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois and reach Austin, maybe you will bring out the history book or travel atlas and see  how many miles you made today and more than one cup of coffee. 

We’re looking forward to the time; I can tell you that we will be ready to roll. Meanwhile, stay safe. Continue to wear your mask.