Ask a Trooper: Fall safety for rides on motorcycle

Published 6:30 am Saturday, September 12, 2020

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Question: It seems like I am seeing more motorcycles than ever. Can you talk about their safety going into fall riding?

Answer: Preliminary reports show that 46 riders have lost their lives in crashes this year, compared to 37 riders at this time last year.

With everything going on in the world today, a motorcycle ride can be the perfect escape. Leave your worries behind, put that helmet on, and head for the open road.

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Here are steps you can take to reduce your risk of crashing:

•Ride sober.

•Wear highly visible protective gear, including a brightly colored helmet.

•Have a good riding strategy for every ride.

Wearing proper protective gear can help keep you safe in case of a crash, but having good riding skills can prevent a crash from happening in the first place.

Motorcycle training is a great way to develop and improve safe riding skills, but time is running out to register for the Basic Rider Course (BRC) to earn your endorsement. More than 1,300 riders took the BRC in the first two months of the training season, which started the first week of June, and nearly 300 more riders took other MMSC training courses. Register now for one of the 22 locations throughout Minnesota.

There are a limited number of intermediate courses still available too. This course is a great way to practice riding a new motorcycle or riding with a passenger. You can take the intermediate course with a passenger for no additional charge. MMSC offers advanced and expert training courses too, but those have wrapped up for the season. Challenge yourself to take a training course every year or two to keep your riding skills sharp — after all, training can make a huge difference in avoiding crashes. You can find details about all the training courses on the MMSC’s website, including eligibility requirements for each level.

Additional information can be found on the Department of Public Safety’s blog:

You can avoid a ticket — and a crash — if you simply buckle up, drive at safe speeds, pay attention and always drive sober.  Help us drive Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths.

If you have any questions concerning traffic related laws or issues in Minnesota send your questions to Sgt. Troy Christianson – Minnesota State Patrol at 2900 48th Street NW, Rochester MN 55901-5848.  (Or reach him at,