Holly Johnson: Intern completes successful summer at the HHH

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 15, 2020

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For the seventh time the Hormel Historic Home welcomed a summer intern this year.  In a typical year, this intern would interact with tours, help with autism camps, perform typical office tasks, and become a part of the HHH family.

Despite COVID-19, this year is pretty much the same, but with fewer people around.  Our intern, Kaitlyn Ronning, has actually been working events at the HHH for nearly two years.  When she showed interest in learning the history of the home, and actually brought friends through to tour, we asked her to join the front office team.  Her personality and willingness to learn has enhanced our unusual summer and she has taken on research tasks that I have been hoping to do for a long time.  Her reflection of her experience is below.

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Kaitlyn Ronning

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My experience as a summer intern at the Hormel Historical Home was one of a kind. The previous year I worked as a dishwasher and was a part of the event crew setting up and taking down events. I was lucky enough to have been exposed to information about the HHH before my internship.

It was a fun transition from working events to the office. I worked on a project this year where I looked at documents about the YWCA and the expenses they had, and I organized the information from note cards that were used to keep track of everyone in different clubs.  I was glad to be able to learn about the YWCA and bring new information forward. I also worked on smaller office tasks, such as addressing mail, organizing invoices, answering phone calls, and answering and sending emails. I also had many great opportunities to learn more information by listening to Holly and Amanda give tours. I remember the first tour I gave. I was nervous but excited to show the knowledge I had learned about the wonderful Hormel family.

My summer internship also looked different because of COVID-19. We were unable to open until mid-June. When we were able to finally open, the house looked very different than it did before. In my opinion, the staff at the HHH came up with many great ways to keep the staff, visitors, and our beautiful historic home safe.

Even though my experience may have looked different than most interns in the past, I still had a good time getting to learn more about my co-workers, bosses, and the amazing family who used to live in such a wonderful home. I am thankful for the amazing leadership that Holly and Amanda showed as well as everything I learned from them.Each intern we have had the pleasure of working with has brought their own perspective and talents to the HHH.  Kaitlyn is the first to gain experience in absolutely every aspect of the organization, and I hope we have imparted valuable experience on her that she will draw on later in life, or at least look back upon fondly.

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