Evie Mohrfeld: Making the best of the new normal

Published 6:30 am Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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We are now into August and are adjusting and making the best of the new normal. There have been lots of new activities and lifestyle changes, but we will keep you posted when travel resumes. 

With lots of free time while staying quarantined, it gave me a chance to  catch on up things I wanted to do.

First thing on my list was getting acquainted with the noodle maker I received as a Christmas gift. It turned out to be a fun two-person project. It was interesting to try the different sizes for different recipes. We had noodles drying all over the dining room table like mom used to do. Sharing them was the second best idea.

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Even though we are still quarantined, it is still summer.  We’ve had nice weather and a chance to get outside. Another Christmas present (gotta love Christmas) was waiting for the two of us at Rydjor Bike in the form of town bikes. These are like an assist bike for easier riding. We are now on a roll; however, we are anxious to include bus rides again.

Beside all the great bike trails here in Austin, we have now experienced bike trails in Clear Lake and Elma, Iowa, plus recently Baxter, Minnesota, with more destinations planned. We are not in for the race, only the fun of it.

Continuing to look through boxes of photos has been very entertaining, especially when we have lots of free time.

If you are an avid group traveler, you are on the trip because you enjoy people, places and company. We all have stories of what we remember with one trip or another.

When we were in Austria during Oktoberfest on one of our tours, we found the hometown folks were so cordial. During the afternoon of German music, some nice local people approached us and asked if we would like a city tour. Our guide could handle the eight or 10  who were there and interested. He told us we should wait on the corner of the street and that his transportation would be bright red. Well, we found it and it was bright red and new — a manure spreader.  It had never been used before, so we got the red carpet treatment. I love that picture.

Another photo was taken in Tennessee. We were approaching a Calvary Camp with our motorcoach and around the corner came a group of three or four soldiers on horses who edged right up to the front of the bus.The leader’s horse came to the front window. 

We thought the driver must have taken a wrong turn into their camp, but the leader jumped off his horse and quickly boarded our motorcoach. We were shocked as the driver asked what it was he wanted. He said he was looking for wild women and whiskey. It so happens that a young lady sitting with her mother was celebrating her birthday that day and he planted a Western hat on her and then proceeded to take our whole group inside for a birthday cake. And guess who offered to pay? Her mom. She was not in on the cake surprise, but got caught up in the fun.

The travelers are entertained many times, but don’t realize it. Our hosts do their best to make our trips memorable.

We’re still looking through a lot of photo books and reliving it all. Stay safe. We’re looking forward to seeing you through your mask.