Be responsible with what your dog leaves behind

Published 6:30 am Saturday, August 15, 2020

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If you walk your (or someone else’s) dog in a city park and the dog leaves a “deposit,” please note that it’s your responsibility to bag it and place it in a garbage receptacle. Imagine taking your child to use the soccer complex, only to find out that someone else had taken their dog out to use the same spot.

Not only is public dog depositing unpleasant, unsightly, and unwarranted, it’s being left untouched by sometimes otherwise-not-unreasonable canine owners who believe their (parks) access should remain unfettered when walking their canines. Please note that follow-up clean-up is necessary, dogs are always to be on-leash when brought to city parks (except the designated dog park), and they are never to be on the soccer fields or within the other ballfield complexes. Thank you for complying with the ordinance!   

City of Austin Archery Deer Hunt

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Those interested in participating in the fourth consecutive City Archery Deer Hunt, which begins Oct. 17, must pass their proficiency test and also complete the NBEF/Advanced Bowhunter Education program hosted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The Advanced Hunter Education program can be located online at MDNR, whilst the proficiency test will be offered at the Cedar River Archery Club, 54691 270th St. Austin, MN, 55912.

Potential hunters will have but one chance again this year to qualify between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 29 or noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30. Hunt participants must place five of six arrows within the six-inch-circle target from a distance of 20 yards from an elevated platform. The fee is $5 per shooter. Sorry, but no crossbows are allowed in the City hunt or the qualifying shoot.

Note for non-hunters: There are specific areas which have been approved by the City Council for the hunt. Most parcels are the same as last year with three added; two which border Todd Park and another further to the north, which is a portion of the former Ramsey Golf Course and borders the Cedar River.

Hanging Flower Baskets and Big Round Planters

The baskets continue to flow with their seasonal beauty here late in the summer. Two members of the seasonal flower-watering crew are still out daily to address the flower needs via water (most often mixed with fertilizer), and occasional bug extraction.

A newly-hired seasonal staff person has now been (de-)weeding the big round planters. During the majority of this summer, while we were even lighter on seasonal help, this was one of the areas which got ahead of the crew, to the dismay of some of the desired greenery as well as flower-loving residents and visitors.

One Last Summer Rec Activity for the Season: Mask Tie-Dyed Activity

In the week prior to Austin’s elementary schools beginning regular school session, Austin Parks and Rec will be teaming up with the YMCA at ACRC to offer a FREE Mask Tie-Dying activity.

This activity will be held just in time for school kids to be able to customize their own personal mask for school use. Appropriate social distancing and mask wearing will be required throughout this class. Watch for details on how to register to be posted in the coming days on social media. 

Make it a great day!