Mohrfeld: Remembering past trips

Published 6:30 am Saturday, July 11, 2020

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Even though our travels have taken an extended break, it is still a great time to reminisce by looking through photo albums, schedules and itineraries of the many places we have experienced.

Our travels,  I would say, is homespun, servicing the many folks in the Austin community and surrounding area.

The travel idea was a concept which originated while at the Hormel Historic Home. Various women’s clubs who met there made the suggestion so they could travel with their group to a floral or art show, a coffee concert at orchestra hall, etc.

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So it all began.

The challenge was on as more ideas were brought to us. working along with Mark Crumb with the Austin CoachesCo., we were on a roll, always working with others to make this happen, with our own schedule, which extended to include men and friends.

Our first trip was to the Mayo Civic Center for the Conway Twitty Show. Many of our young folks just may not recognize him.

We also quickly learned that I needed a ticket as this show was a sell-out crowd and I forgot to include myself. I ended up standing in the lobby with the show’s greeters for the show.

We returned for two more shows that year, including John Denver and Kenny Rogers.

Yes, I had a  ticket.

We have found a niche where we fit in. We are geared up for taking seniors to events that fit their lifestyle.

We explore small towns, especially on our Mystery Trips. We visit historic sites, the Amish, ice shows, and many stage shows.

How about a Czech buffet in Iowa followed by a tour of folks living in a silo house? Or Danny O’Donnell, the Irish entertainer, singing to our two buses alone at the Northrop Theatre because they forgot to announce our bus to disperse, so we just stayed.

This is just a glimpse of our travels as I look through the fun photos during this time.

I will share in a future column some of the funny things that have happened along the way. There are so many stories, like the one of the  couples on our coach. He  surprised his friend and proposed to her on stage during the show.

They married on Valentine’s Day.

Stay well, wear your mask.  We miss you too.