Letter: Urging Peggy Bennett to reconsider stance on conversion therapy

Published 6:45 am Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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I am writing to urge Peggy Bennett to reconsider her stance on conversion therapy (the practice of trying to convince gay minors and vulnerable adults that they aren’t gay, how insulting).

She voted against adding a ban on this hateful and harmful and debunked practice to last year’s bill. I have not asked her, but I assume she voted against adding it on the basis of freedom of religion. What about the freedom to be who you are?

The majority of the population now accepts gay people, helped along by the fact that 8 out of 10 people have someone very close to them who is gay. I attended one of Peggy’s meetings where she stated that she has gay friends.

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I urge her to ask her friends what they think of her stance. I’m quite sure she’ll get an earful. A large part of the reason we need people to accept gay people, rather than just say they do, is to try to put an end to the bullying that gay youth endure.

I would think as a former teacher she would see the benefit of this. I urge her to educate herself on this topic. I would highly recommend some background reading to her; although it’s aimed at children, I believe she should start with the book “It’s Perfectly Normal.”

Susan Runden

Hayward, MN