Worke family are the new owners of Adams Health Care

Published 7:01 am Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Worke family — including, from left, Eric, Colin, and Adam — recently took over Adams Health Care in Adams. Photo provided

It is a tough time to work in health care right now, but that hasn’t dampened the spirit of Eric Worke, CEO of Colony Court, as he purchased Adams Health Care on March 2 along with his brother, Adam and son, Colin.

Worke also runs health care facilities in Waseca and  Fairmont and his family company has a total of approximately 200 employees.

“We’ve always been pretty conservative in our growth,” Worke said. “We’ve been familiar with the Adams facility for years and I kind of knew that it was there. I figured if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. The City of Adams is a nice community with good people and it really fits into our style. It’s kind of a neat fit.”

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With the COVID-19 outbreak going on, Worke and his family have had to mostly stay in Waseca and run Adams Health Care from afar. But they like the prospects of running the facility from a closer perspective in the future.

“It’s going well, but it’s unfortunate that so much of our time and energy is being spent on COVID-19 response. There’s lots of things that we want to implement in health, but a lot of that has been put on the shelf until this pandemic is over,” said Worke, who has worked in health care for 25 years. “We’ve got great leadership down there and we’ve been behind the scenes doing our thing. We have some team members that are doing a great job and keeping the residents and staff safe throughout all of this. We want to succeed, we want to continue to provide the services and we want to provide jobs.”

Adams Health Care Center provides assisted living and nursing care for seniors, rehabilitation services and occupational therapy for those in need. It was previously owned by the city of Adams before the Worke family acquired it.