Letter: Trump is not the leader we need

Published 7:01 am Saturday, May 16, 2020

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Leaders are defined by how they handle problems/crisis and the actions they take. Examples of leaders would be Churchill (World War II), Kennedy (Cuban missile crisis), FDR (Great Depression), Reagan (Berlin Wall), Walesa ( Poland overthrow of USSR) etc. etc.

Today, our country is in the middle of possibly the gravest event (pandemic virus) in the past 75 years. We have all or soon will be personally affected by this crisis. The situation is serious, dangerous, life altering and very personal. The situation calls out for and demands strong, focused leadership.

President Trump’s leadership during this crisis has been lacking and subsequently dangerous for the citizenry of our country. Failure to anticipate, failure to react, failure to lead (no national strategy), failure to tell the truth and failure to provide empathy. If Trump were leading an American corporation, the board of directors would have already “shown him the door.” We, the American people, are the board of directors for our country. Let us be sure we do our job!

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Robert A Stratton

Austin, MN