Letter: God sees what you do

Published 7:01 am Saturday, May 9, 2020

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Identity theft – Yes, it is real! I do have to thank the person who chose to use my VISA card at Walgreens in Austin, Minnesota,  at 5:46 p.m. on May 5 to purchase his/her own large VISA gift card. I am glad I am not you! The easy thing to have done was to turn in the small green purse you found at Kwik Trip.

Your life must be a hard one to make the choice you did. I just hope your mother did not get a Mother’s Day gift from me. She is not my mother! Maybe you had a good meal and bought groceries. Good for you. I can’t do those things right now thanks to you. Nor can I drive or go to the doctor.

You have everything I need to transact business or go about my daily life. You know who I am, where I live and what I look like. You may have laughed at the picture of the old couple that was in the purse. I wish I knew what you looked like. I hope you don’t look like my kids.

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You are somewhat smart, though. You probably won’t see this in the newspaper and maybe you can’t read any way to not notice the name on the VISA card was not yours. Good luck with the rest of your life. You need it or divine intervention to set you on a better course.

I hope something like this does not happen to your mother and that she had a good Mother’s Day. Know that you are on camera and God sees everything you do.

Christine Henricks

Austin, MN