Letter: Feehan understands rural agriculture

Published 7:01 am Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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Minnesota’s First Congressional District is a large and mostly rural area and, as such, should be represented by someone who understands and works to support agriculture. Dan Feehan is such a candidate.

We have seen how the current administration’s trade policy has devastated export markets and reduced prices for farm products. Dan will stand up for farmers and work to end these policies. It’s possible to stand up to China and other bad actors without harming farmers and our local economy.

Similarly, the current administration voiced support for the ethanol and biofuel industry, but then handed out exemptions to big oil companies allowing them to reduce the amount of corn ethanol to be blended into gasoline. It’s easy to see where the administration’s loyalties lie. As the saying goes, just follow the money. Dan has taken no contributions from big oil and will fight to restore the Renewable Fuel Standard.

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Dan also believes that healthy soil and clean water are vital to our communities. He’ll listen to farmers to promote land stewardship, crop rotation, and other innovative practices that preserve the soil and protect the quality of our water now and for years to come.

But preserving the soil isn’t enough if we don’t have farmers to work it. Secretary of Agriculture.

Sonny Purdue, has expressed the opinion that farmers need to “get big or get out.” With many farmers nearing retirement and many with no one to pass the torch to, many farms are being sold to out-of-state investors or rented to the highest bidder, leaving young people who want to farm priced out of the market. Dan is committed to helping the next generation of farmers by supporting the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.

Finally, farmers need an efficient and reliable transportation system to get their goods to market. Dan will work hard to make sure that our transportation infrastructure is funded for both Minnesota and federal projects.

Our district needs a representative who will listen to and work for all of its citizens. I believe that Dan Feehan is the right person for the job and encourage everyone to vote for him this November.

Jim Wichmaan

Conger, MN