Heimer declares mayoral candidacy

Published 7:01 am Saturday, May 23, 2020

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Teacher, coach and Marine Corps veteran Brian Heimer filed to run for Austin mayor this week, making him the third candidate in the race.

“I’ve been all around the world; I have seen the best the world has to offer, and with God’s good graces I’ve seen and made it through the worst,” he said. “Now as a Marine Corps veteran, business owner, teacher and coach, I continue with my spirit of service and am running for Mayor of Austin.”

Brian Heimer

Heimer, who ran for Austin City Council in 2018, said he is running for mayor for “the people.”

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It’s for my first grade teacher Mrs. Smith, who recently passed away; it’s for all the teachers, business owners, and those with disabilities, the groups of people who may be underrepresented or marginalized, even though they are doing all the heavy lifting in the community,” he said.

Heimer cited three points he hopes to bring to the table as mayor:

• Transparency – “There should never be a closed door governmental meeting,” he said.

• Representation – Everyone in a democracy is equal,” he said. “Everyone.”

• Growth – “Economically, there are too many eggs in too little of a basket,” he said. “We dodged a bullet this time around; we must diversify to position ourselves for the next situation to disrupt our lives.”

“I look forward to the debates and challenges ahead,” he added.