Our opinion: A ‘thank you’ to our readers

Published 7:01 am Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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It wasn’t an easy announcement for the staff of the Austin Daily Herald last week, letting you know we were dropping to two days a week publication.

It was a shot to our pride and we knew it would be a mark of disappointment for our readers.

The facts are, as our announcement read on both the front page and Insight pages late last week, this move makes economic sense for us. But even still, the move was not easy.

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However, we are grateful for a community that more often than not has understood our predicament and the move we had to make. Readers may not have been happy, but they were understanding and for that we say, “thank you.”

While difficult, the move is made easier knowing that the support is there. We truly have some of the best readership a paper could hope for. We understand we may lose some readers, but that just means we will work diligently to continue producing a publication that one day we can draw those readers back, whether it be from our packed issues on Wednesday and Saturday, filled with insightful and thorough stories, or from our online content.

Knowing we have that support from the community means we will continue working hard to keep you informed on a daily basis of those things happening within our great community.