Hormel family strived to work with partners to benefit everybody involved

Published 7:01 am Saturday, April 18, 2020

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Whether in a business, a family, or a community, the concept of working together is viewed as the appropriate path to accomplishing something beneficial to all. George Hormel experienced this concept many times throughout his life and career. With some partners he worked side by side in daily business while other partnerships were born of multiple parties leveraging the resources of the others so that all could succeed.

In 1887, a partnership between Anton Friedrich and George Hormel created a butcher shop that allowed George the opportunity to settle down, utilize his working experience and to build the foundation for his future pork packing business. The men were of different minds, but their partnership led them toward the success for which they were meant.

In 1904, George found himself in the position of needing capital to expand his growing business while an Iowa meat packer was in need of production space. When the two joined forces, they saw great results. Within three years, Hormel had repaid the investment his partner had made in his business and both parties had achieved their goals.

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George summed up a series of partnerships that he valued greatly in 1892. “For me, the next year was unique. It ushered in three new partnerships with life, which were to test and endow whatever is a man. The little buildings by the Cedar River took on life and became a going business about January first. My marriage to Lillian Belle Gleason took place shortly after, and we set up our home in a rented house on Saint Paul Street where, before the year’s end, our son was born.”

Today, the Hormel Historic Home could not fulfill its mission without partners who believe in the mission we work to accomplish. We collaborate with the Mower County Historical Society frequently (watch for a new online program called Hump Day History starting soon), and our partnership with Matchbox Children’s Theatre is helping us grow our programming for young history explorers.

Currently, I would like to recognize our partners for the Stepping Out SAFELY for Autism fundraising event. We are grateful for their financial support which in a typical year would help offset the expenses incurred in hosting a walk event for over 200 people. We are also grateful for their faith in our organization to serve young people on the autism spectrum.

The following entities have made a choice to invest in the autism community in 2020 and we say THANK YOU: Bollingberg Chiropractic; Cooperative Response Center; Family Eye Care Center; Games People Play; Laura Helle; Matchbox Children’s Theatre; McFarland Truck Lines, Inc.; Medicap Pharmacy; Palleton; Rolling Green Fencing, Inc.; Worlein Funeral Home.

Partnerships, no matter how long they endure, always result in those involved learning or gaining something through the union. We are happy to offer our ASD Programming partners recognition for investing in the lives of those with autism.

Upcoming Events

Stepping Out for Autism Event-Raising Awareness and Funds

April 13-19. Go to www.hormelhistorichome.org/autism-programming to donate, buy a t-shirt, or learn more.

Hump Day History

Noon, Wednesday, April 22

Presented on Facebook Live featuring History and Tours of lesser seen locations in our community.