City Council approves pandemic plan

Published 7:01 am Wednesday, March 18, 2020

2020 street project assessment rates also approved

The Austin City Council unanimously approved a plan to help deal with the coronavirus threat during its regular meeting Monday evening.

The plan, which was added to the agenda shortly before the meeting, includes the following actions:

• Closing of the library, interpretative building of the nature center and arenas from March 18-29;

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• Cancellation of any programming until further notice;

• Having single responder entry for medical calls where appropriate to limit possible exposure;

• Having ongoing discussions with Mayo Ambulance Service regarding best practices for the community;

• Making adjustments to the work areas to limit exposure at City Hall;

• Discussing protocol for remote council meetings if necessary;

• Reviewing quarantine laws should impacted patients be identified;

• Reviewing and considering action plans for the possibility of staff illnesses and how the city could continue critical operations;

• Purchasing any supplemental personal protection equipment needed for first responders;

• Practicing proper hygiene methods of hand washing, cleaning any shared equipment and making available hand sanitizer; and

• Reviewing and considering cleaning protocols in public use areas.

The council also voted in favor of street assessment rates after public hearings on four street projects scheduled for 2020. The projects are:

• Tenth Street Northeast (Oakland Place Southeast to Second Avenue Northeast) and Fourth Street Southwest (Oakland Avenue West to First Avenue Southwest) with an assessed amount of $139,883.07.

• Fifth Street Southwest (First Avenue to Fifth Avenue Southwest), Sixth Avenue Southwest (Fourth Street to Sixth Street Southwest) and Seventh Street Southwest (Fourth Avenue to Fifth Avenue Southwest) with an assessed amount of $164,179.06.

• Fifth Avenue Northeast (Oakland Place Northeast to 19th Street Northeast) with an assessed amount of $175,424.67.

• Seventh Street Northwest (Eighth Avenue to 13th Avenue Northwest) and Ninth Avenue Northwest (Fourth Street to Eighth Street Northwest) with an assessed amount of $201,919.23.

The rates will be assessed to adjacent property owners, who will have the option to pay as one lump sum or in equal installments over a 15-year period with an interest rate of four percent per annum.

City Engineer Steven Lang said adjacent property owners did not submit any written objections on any of the projects.