Our Opinion: Progress is here

Published 7:01 am Friday, February 28, 2020

Today you may have noticed that your Austin Daily Herald is a little heavier and by the time you’ve read this editorial, you may also have noticed what makes this issue a little more special.

Today is the release of our annual Progress edition, our biggest special section of the year, checking in at 136 pages and filled with positively-themed stories from your community and area.


This is a chance for us to brag about Austin and those communities that make up our coverage area and we’re always happy to do so.

As its name would indicate, Progress is about … well, progress. It’s about those things that have stood the test of time or have made a brand new impact.

In a lot of ways, Progress is representative of the good things surrounding us and those things that are cresting on the horizon. These stories are reasons to be proud of the community you live in and they are a source of pride that we get to tell these stories.

If you get a paper without a Progress edition, come on down to the Herald and pick up your copy. While you’re here, if you have any suggestions for next year, it’s never too early to get started.