Letter: People should care about politics

Published 6:00 am Thursday, January 23, 2020

I sometimes hear people say, “I don’t care about politics.” My response is always, “Politics cares about you.” So many aspects of our lives are affected by the decisions of those who are elected to represent us.

I care because my mother takes several expensive prescriptions. Current Rep. Jim Hagedorn has twice voted against lowering prescription drug costs and has taken donations from the pharmaceutical industry.

I care because my son will graduate from high school in May and is making decisions about college. Hagedorn voted against strengthening protections for student loan borrowers.

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I care because I want my kids to be safe from gun violence. Hagedorn is against common sense gun safety measures supported by the vast majority of Minnesotans.

I care because I worry about my kids’ future in the face of the climate crisis and Hagedorn rejects mainstream climate change science.

I care because I want a Minnesota that is inclusive and just for every person. Hagedorn consistently traffics in division and fear, belittles and dismisses constituents and engages in name-calling and disrespect.

In a few months, we’ll all have the opportunity and responsibility to vote. I will vote for Dan Feehan because I choose hope, I choose inclusion, and I choose the candidate who puts people first.

Liz Boldon
Rochester, MN