Hormel Historic Home: Thank you for a great year

Published 5:00 am Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year! I just re-read all of my other first of the year columns and realized that I have done a good job reviewing each year’s successes and outlooks. But I maybe haven’t said thank you enough for your support.

In 2014 I offered you my philosophical thinking about how to look at a new year.

“There are so many ways to view this time of year. Do you see yourself at the starting line of a race with a long journey ahead of you, maybe with a few hurdles along the way? Or do you visualize yourself standing at the top (or bottom) of a mountain getting ready to weave through unknown terrain to make it down (or up) to the bottom (or top)? Or maybe you don’t look too far ahead and just take things one month at a time. Depending on the year, I have had all these outlooks, but mostly I view a new year filled with HOPE.” 

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In 2015 I wrote how history teaches and inspires.

“We cannot change the past but we can study it, learn from it, enjoy it, and make plans based on it.” 

In 2018 I provided you a Top Ten List (Dave Letterman style) of the highlights of that year. My #1 highlight was the support of this fantastic community. I would pretty much put that at No. 1 every year.

But in 1907, Herman Hormel, younger brother to George, offered a new year’s thank you. Herman managed the Hormel Provision Market, and on Jan. 2, 1907, he ran an ad in the Austin Daily Herald to tell his customers how much he appreciated them. I wish I would have thought of that! Read Herman’s words below, and hear my voice as he, and I, say thank you and promise to continue serving you in the coming year.

“We wish to say to the people of Austin that we have just closed a very successful business year, and we take this way to thank all who have patronized us and helped to make it so. We feel well repaid for our effort in trying to furnish all our customers with the best in our line, and to render the best possible services. One of our resolutions for 1907 is to put forth a greater effort to render more efficient service and to be a better servant to the people. Again thanking you for past favors and soliciting your cooperation in the coming year we are, Most Respectfully Yours.”

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