Letter: Keeping track of Hagedorn’s votes

Published 5:20 am Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Out of curiosity, I downloaded the app “Countable.” It keeps track of bills in Congress and how our members vote. I discovered that Rep. Jim Hagedorn voted against equal pay, against reinstating the Violence Against Women Act, and against a bill that would eliminate junk insurance and get generic meds to market sooner. He voted against net neutrality, against a clean water bill, and against a bill to reform campaign finance, government ethics and voter protection. He also voted against providing humane treatment at the southern border and against protecting our elections from foreign interference.

At a town hall in Worthington, Rep. Hagedorn told us that he went to Washington to support President Trump. He also claimed that high drug prices are caused by “middlemen” and not the drug companies. He continues to defend the drug companies. KAAL-TV reported that Rep. Hagedorn calls “price negotiations with drug companies” a form of socialized medicine. When voters expressed their outrage, he walked back his statement.

I intend to continue to keep track of how Rep. Hagedorn votes and I hope you do too. We need to decide whether he actually represents our interests.

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Cathy Buxengard

Worthington, MN