Solem Concessions – 15 Traveling Food Workers

Published 8:00 am Friday, November 8, 2019

Temp FT Jobs: 15 Traveling Food Workers 1/9/20-11/5/20.

Clean, wash, erect & take down equipment; take orders; slice, cook, and serve food & drinks; make change; heavy lifting & physically mobile.

Season starts in Mower Co, MN. Then extensive travel to all events required and provided through AZ, FL, IA, LA, MN, ND, SD, TN, TX & WI.

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35-45 hrs/wk; Hours, schedule & days vary. No educ or exp reqd. Will train. Must be avail all season. Must commute to and from work site. Drug test, pre-hire crim backgrd check pd by us. Must sign empl contract. Grooming & dress code req’s. Must follow rules. Must meet job perf stds. Must be able to lift 50 lbs. Discharge for cause.

This job offer is based on U.S. law & DOL & DHS regs. If law is changed, will re-negotiate. Pay prevail-ing wage, varies, $8.61-12.27/hr. O/T or extra hrs as reqd, varies. Employer is exempt from OT under the FLSA and those jurisdictions with similar provisions. Employer does not pay OT for extra hours when not required by applicable law. Optional local convenience travel ($20/week). Wage prepay, merit pay at employer discretion. If legal tools, eqpmt & uniform provided no charge. If legal transpo, meals provided to worksite, or cost reimbursed, if you complete 1/2 of the empl + return transpo if you complete empl or dismissed early. Local travel, relocation transpo/meals available for wage credit; Housing provid-ed (for wage credit if legal).

To apply call Solem Concessions, Inc. 507-208-0660. Or send resumes to the closest office of Austin Work Force Center, 507-433-0555. Job Order 10803252