Law enforcement warns of social security phone scam

Published 6:11 am Friday, November 22, 2019

Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik is urging residents to be on the lookout for phone calls from scammers claiming to be the Social Security Administration after a rural Dexter resident received such a call.

Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik

According to Sandvik, the individual reported that he received a call on his cell phone from a 786 area code on Wednesday morning. When he, answered, the call disconnected. He said he tried to call the number from his cell phone twice with no answer, but got a response when he called from a landline number.

He reported that the scammer claimed to be a representative of the Social Security Administration and was calling because the man’s social security number had been used in a crime. The scammer asked for the man’s name, date of birth and social security number, which he provided. The scammer than asked for the man’s bank account number to “investigate fraudulent activity.” The man refused and hung up.

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Sandvik said the man was told to contact the social security office about the matter.

Sandvik stated that the Social Security Administration does not call individuals to acquire personal information. He advises anyone who receives such a call to not give out any information and to report the call to law enforcement and the social security office.