Hagedorn visits The Hormel Institute

Published 7:26 am Thursday, November 7, 2019

Minnesota 1st District Rep. Jim Hagedorn visited The Hormel Institute Wednesday afternoon along with representatives from the American Cancer Society to learn more of the partnerships that make cancer research work.

Hagedorn and the ACS representatives got a tour of the institute as well and heard from scientists at the HI about the work they do and the funding required to do that work.

In particular, the group touched on the competitive nature of National Institute of Health grants and funding in general.

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“We don’t have enough funds at the American Cancer Society,” said Keely Couillard, director of regional corporate relations for the ACS. “The continued funding requires larger money that we don’t give out because we don’t have the money.”

All sides impressed on Hagedorn the need for federal funding and he acknowledge the work on all sides and their importance.

“I’m just part of the coalition. Part of the team,” Hagedorn said. “What you do isn’t just work, it’s giving people hope.”