Giving thanks for the Hormel Historic Home

Published 4:58 am Saturday, November 23, 2019

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday, I wanted to share a few reasons I am thankful for the Hormel Historic Home and for the community of Austin. I will also share the thoughts of others.

When I hear about all the negative things happening in the world, it is easy to get discouraged and think that nothing we do can make a positive impact in the world. But when I look around the HHH and Austin, I see many good things.

Holly Johnson

I see generosity and am thankful! The Hormel Historic Home is blessed by people giving of their time, talents, and treasures. A large collection of Department 56 structures and accessories was recently donated to us and will enhance our holiday décor greatly. In fact, most of our Christmas decorations are donated and those who decorate volunteer hundreds of hours to allow us to showcase the historic home at this special time of year.

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I see collaboration and I am thankful! Several years ago the HHH launched the History for Half Pints programming aimed at making the house attractive and accessible to young children. We are grateful now that Matchbox Children’s Theater is willing to partner with us to continue our field trip opportunities for elementary aged kids and to expand our offerings. This collaboration will give Matchbox an opportunity to share the talents of more youth in more places and will allow the HHH to make history available to a broader audience.

In the community, generosity and collaboration are everywhere. Between winter weather clothing drives and food drives needs are being met. Partners like the city of Austin and the Austin Area Commission have worked together to bring our diverse population together for music and fun. The Austin Rotary chapter has worked with local organizations to support programs like the CEO Program for high school juniors and seniors and the Lunch Tray program.

During our September membership campaign I asked those who received the mailing to send me a note explaining why they were thankful for the Hormel Historic Home. The responses humbled and pleased me.

“It is so fun to show our wonderful historic home off to visitors.”

“We appreciate its beauty and the opportunity to visit there and share its significance with others.”

“It’s a fun and warm place to be where I’ve met many nice gals.”

“I’ve always enjoyed the uniqueness of the Hormel Historic Home.  Its architecture is wonderful.  It is a warm, inviting space.”

A special older gentleman shared with me how his entire life has been connected to the Hormel Company.  He feels his life was enhanced by the people who encouraged him along his career and journey and is grateful that we are able to preserve the house where such an important man lived.

I am thankful this holiday season-for the HHH and for our piece of rural America.

Holiday Open House

3-6 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 23

Includes touring, entertainment, and a light snack. Cash bar available. Special guests, the St. Andrews Sisters, will perform their holiday skit at 3:45 and 4:45 p.m. $5 per person