Dexter man charged in domestic situation; Alleged victim had fractured spine

Published 6:29 am Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Jesse Steven Shulze, 38, of Dexter was charged with felony third-degree assault – substantial bodily harm – and misdemeanor domestic assault on Monday in Mower County District Court.

Jesse Steven Shulze, 38

According to the court complaint, law enforcement responded to a 911 hang up call at about 4:09 p.m. on Friday that originated in the 27000 block of 665th Avenue in Dexter Township. Dispatch called back and a male answered, telling dispatch that he and a woman were fighting, but it was calming down and law enforcement was no longer needed at the residence. While law enforcement was en route, dispatch advised that a woman had called and said that a man, later identified as Shulze, had broken her glasses and that she was bleeding.

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Law enforcement arrived and a Mower County sergeant spoke with the victim. She said that she and Shulze were in a truck when she asked to use his phone. She confronted him about content she found on his phone and said when they got to the residence, Shulze threw a piece of scrap metal, which struck her in the kneecap. She then alleged he started throwing her property out of the truck and shoved her “a few times.” She said he “body slammed” her to the ground when she retreated back to the truck and “bashed” her head on the ground while holding her by the hair.

She then said they went into the residence, where the arguing and shoving continued. She said he pushed her out of the front door, but she got back in through a side door and stayed in the bedroom until law enforcement arrived.

The victim complained of pain in her lower back, elbow and the back of her head. The sergeant observed and photographed injuries to the victim’s hands.

A deputy and Shulze went to the basement, where Shulze removed a camera case from a ceiling tile. Shulze said the victim had put the case there before law enforcement arrived and that the case contained a methamphetamine pipe. A marijuana pipe fell from the ceiling; Shulze said it belonged to him.

Shulze told the deputy the victim had left the residence at about 4 p.m. the previous day and when she returned that day, he knew she had been smoking methamphetamine. He said they began to argue and the victim asked to use his phone so she could call a friend to pick her up from the residence. He said he took the phone from her when he learned she wanted to go to Faribault, at which point she began throwing things at him.

Shulze said he and the victim fell on the ground as he tried to get the phone back. He then called 911 and heard the dispatcher, but said the victim grabbed the phone and hung up. When dispatch called back, Shulze said the victim knocked the phone out of his hand.

Shulze denied pushing the victim to the ground more than once.

The deputy then spoke to the victim, who said that she had the phone and Shulze got it back from her and called 911. She denied that the methamphetamine pipe was hers, saying it likely belonged to Shulze.

The victim was transported to Mayo Clinic Health System-Austin, where she was diagnosed with a fractured spine.

A review of Shulze’s criminal history shows a prior conviction for burglary.

Shulze will appear in court again on Dec. 2.