Completion of Shooting Star Trail something to be proud of

Published 6:01 am Saturday, November 2, 2019

In 1990, a group of people came together to form Prairie Visions, a group dedicated to, as their website points out, “… to preserve the area’s natural and historic resources while creating a diverse, sustainable economy based on agriculture, tourism, and small business.”

On Monday of this week, one of the long term projects supported by the group was brought to an end with a well-deserved celebration marking the completion of the Shooting Star Trail.

Shooting Star is a bike trail that extends from Austin to LeRoy along Highway 56, the Shooting Star Scenic Byway.

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For 30 miles this trail allows cyclists to glide past farm fields and native prairies on a gentle ride and on the LeRoy end the trail moves through Lake Louise State Park, an outdoor recreation gem right here in Mower County.

We can’t say enough about this accomplishment. For several years those involved have determinedly built up this trail, one section at a time, to create a wonderful ride through towns including Rose Creek, Adams, Taopi and LeRoy.

It’s a prime example of people wanting to get something done and putting in the work to make sure it works for everybody. This extends not only to those working directly on the trail, but landowners and the towns along the trail who worked with those same people to help get this done.

The Shooting Star Trail is a point of destination for riders, some of whom are already familiar with it from taking part in the successful Shooting Star Trail Ride held in the spring. But it’s also a ride that families can ride on a sunny summer evening.

The other aspect of the Shooting Star Trail is the economic benefits of the trail. People will visit Mower County now, their dollars will be spent here and hopefully they will spread the word of what our area has to offer.

Congratulations to all of the people who put in countless hours to make the Shooting Star Trail a success.

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