Man gets over seven years for stabbing

Published 8:56 am Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Ernesto Albarran, also known as Javier Gonzalez Caraballo, 49, of Austin was sentenced to 86 months in the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud for felony first-degree assault-great bodily harm.

Charges of felony first-degree attempted murder-premeditated-with intent and felony second-degree attempted murder-with intent-not premeditated were dismissed at the sentencing as part of an agreement.

Judge Jeffrey Kritzer issued the sentence.

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Court documents state police were called in the early hours of March 11 to the 500 block of 14th Street Northwest by a man who said a woman was banging on his door screaming for help. An officer arrived and saw a woman lying in a fetal position at the end of a wheelchair ramp with Albarran leaning over her. The woman was covered in blood and appeared to be critically injured. Albarran smelled strongly of alcohol.

The officer asked Albarran what happened and Albarran told him not to “worry about it” and started walking away. The officer told Albarran to stay and Albarran said, “I tried to kill her.” He was immediately arrested and placed in a squad car.

Gold Cross arrived on the scene and advised the victim appeared to have three stab wounds in her chest and neck. She was transported to Mayo Clinic Health System-Austin, where she was found to have stab wounds to her neck, right bicep, and two to her chest, as well as blunt force injuries to her face. She was unable to communicate with staff and was flown to Mayo Clinic Hospital, St. Marys Campus-Rochester, where her injuries were classified as “great bodily harm.”

Albarran told police he and the victim had been arguing and indicated the victim grabbed a knife and a sharpening steel and he took them away from her. He said he did not remember much, but said he “threw” the knife and that he did not possess the sharpening steel. He then changed his story and said had taken the sharpening steel from the victim to protect himself and that the victim “got all bloody” after she hit him.

Albarran then indicated he followed the victim when she fled the residence. He denied trying to kill her, but said he had the sharpening steel in his hand when he followed her and did not know why. When asked how she got stabbed, Albarran admitted he stabbed her three times.

At the hospital, a detective spoke to the victim, who said Albarran had stabbed her. She said Albarran had been drinking and told her, “You’re done,” and started choking her after she got into bed. She ran into the hallway and Albarran got a knife and began sharpening it. She then fled the house and saw a light on at a residence in the 500 block of 14th Street Northwest. She stopped there to ask for help when Albarran caught up to her and started stabbing her.

In addition to prison, Albarran must also pay $1,568.77 in fines.