Letter: Lip service

Published 6:48 am Wednesday, October 16, 2019

With Dan Feehan’s recent announcement to run again for Congress, we have officially entered a rerun of the last election, where Dan tried to entice voters to watch his lips and ignore his hips.

Mr. Feehan is already doing what he did in 2018, which is use poll-tested phrases designed to take the focus of off where he really wants to go. You will hear him talk a lot about “service,” “working together” and “fixing the dysfunction in DC.”

But where he actually wants to go is the same place the far-left Democrats who parachuted him into the First District know he will go: to embrace every far left policy there is. Between all the high-sounding platitudes is a politician who agrees with every radical leftist policy: free health care for illegal immigrants, crippling environmental regulations on farmers, unrestricted late-term abortions and a “solution” to our health care problems which will strip away the health insurance policies of over 180 million Americans.

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Mr. Feehan’s lips will say all the right things, but his hips are going to walk right down the far-left path of those who sent him here. Don’t take the bait.

Christine Green

Austin, MN