Special cosplay event coming to the Hormel Historic Home

Published 6:19 am Saturday, September 14, 2019

This week I want to tell you about a new event that the Hormel Historic Home is having on Sunday, Sept. 22. However, I think it will be better described by Sage Jungwirth, who is a 26 year old woman on the autism spectrum.  Sage has become a vital part of the HHH Autism Friendly Austin Initiative, and her perspective as a young adult with autism has given our team a new insight into the needs in our community.  Our focus for the last 10 years has been primarily on kids in grades K-12 and their families.

We are now formulating a plan to reach into the adult autism population and find ways to offer them social opportunities to enhance their lives.   Sage shared with us her interest in attending Cosplay Conventions, so we decided to launch one in Austin and create a popular recreation opportunity for her and her peers.

Sage is much better at describing this kind of event so I asked her to summarize so that you and I can both better understand what is being planned.

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“This year Autism Friendly Austin has decided to host an event we are calling ‘The Cosplay-Social’. The main focus of this event is to bring together those in our community who have a passion for creating and dressing in elaborate costumes from their favorite books, shows, video games, etc. All are welcome regardless of whether they have Autism or not, whether this is there 100th event or their first.

First timers may be unsure of what cosplay is and have only heard about it from a friend or family member. While cosplay sounds a lot like Halloween dress up, this just isn’t the case. Cosplay is a way for everyday people to feel extraordinary by dressing as a beloved character and offers an outlet for many artists to create something that would otherwise remain a piece of fiction. It can be as simple as putting on a pair of cat ears or as elaborate as wearing a perfect replica of medieval knights armor.

Cosplay may seem odd to some, but events like this allow people to be in a safe place with like-minded people who are all there to just be goofy, nerd out a little bit, and connect with other people who they never would have thought they’d have anything in common with.”

The Hormel Historic Home, and Sage, invite people 18 years and older to register for the event and see what it’s all about.

Whether an experienced cosplayer or a parent just trying to support their child’s unique interests, this will be a special event.

Join us from 2-5 p.m. on Sept. 22 at the Hormel Historic Home. Cost is $15 per participant and includes refreshments. For more information, please go to www.hormelhistorichome.org.

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