Pacelli runners shine at Hayfield meet

Published 9:53 pm Thursday, September 5, 2019

A pair of Pacelli runners each had a strong outing at the 10-team Hayfield cross country meet Thursday.

Rory Bickler took fourth place for the Shamrock girls and Jayden Lewis took seventh for the Pacelli boys.

The GMLOS girls took fifth, Pacelli was eighth and BP was ninth.

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The GMLOS boys took seventh, Hayfield took ninth and bP was 10th in the 10-team boys race.


GMLOS: Cohen Wiste (sixth, 19:15.3); Christian Hjelmen (19th, 20:08.5); Cameron Ruechel (29th, 20:51.8); Ethan Gilbert (49th, 22:10.2); Mason Geyer (fifth, 25:24)

Hayfield: William Gillette (28th, 20:44.9); Cohen Heins (36th, 21:12.7); Dakota Robinson (39th, 21:19.9); Samuel Tempel (59th, 23:29.2); Nathan Grav (60th, 23:51.1)

BP: Hosea Baker (30th, 20:56.1); Alex Miller (47th, 21:53.2); Ethan Grant (22:05); Adam larson (54th, 22:35.4); Tyler Forystek (57th, 23:06.9)

Pacelli: Jayden Lewis (seventh, 19:15.5); Blake Klingfus (98th, 25:50.1)


GMLOS: Katy Ottman (16th, 24:04.1); Sydney Alstat (19th, 24:27.5); Aubrie Schneider (28th, 25:00.6); Hope Dion (31st, 25:18.9); Madisyn Nackers (41st, 26:31.7)

Pacelli: Rory Bickler (fourth, 21:25.1); Kendahl Lewis (27th, 24:56.2); Caitlin Drees (47th, 28:10.6); Amarie Vlasek (57th, 30:35.1); Ellen Horvat (59th, 34:50.6)

BP: Abby Smith (34th, 25:37.3); Asha Lighthizer (40th, 26:28.7); Reese Millam (46th, 27:13.1); Emily Anderson (fourth, 28:17.5); Rose Michaud (58th, 31:06)

Hayfield: Grace Walker (38th, 25:39.6); Grace Becker (80th, 33:20.8); Kailyn Gustafuson (89th, 43:31.9)