Hormel Historic Home: Celebrating the future

Published 6:55 am Saturday, September 21, 2019

Thank you to those who were able to celebrate with us at our recent 10-year anniversary party in honor of the addition of the Carriage Hall Event Center.

We had live music and delicious food provided by a variety of caterers including Signatures, Piggy Blues, the Austin Country Club, Hy-Vee and Sugar Dreams. A review of our last 10 years was depicted on exhibit panels and through videos. Both frequent guests and first time visitors enjoyed a rainy day inside the 10-year-old space reminiscing about how the expansion has enhanced the organization and the community.

Our plans for the next 10 years include expanding current programming, addressing maintenance and preservation issues, and looking for new ways to be involved in the community. We want to be seen as a place for historic research and we want the local community to learn and grow from our history and to find enjoyment in our environment.

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Through his experiences in various jobs and in building a business, George Hormel learned some lessons regarding planning for future endeavors. While in business as a butcher, he analyzed where opportunities may lay. In his autobiography, “The Open Road” he wrote the following statement after a visit to another pork packer in St. Paul:

“Suddenly, all my doubts vanished as I felt myself to be the determining factor of my future. Within limits, it could be whatever I chose to make it. The past was fixed but the future was fluid, as subject to change as I was.” George realized that he was in control of where his path would lead and recognized that he was only limited by his own fear and doubt.

Even though George saw that he was ultimately in charge of his future, he acknowledged he couldn’t accomplish his goals without the help of others or without technological advancements. He wrote that “Industrial peace and prosperity depended upon real understanding of the relationship between men and machines, of production and the circulation of money through all the arteries of trade.”

George Hormel excelled in life and business because he kept one eye on the future while maintaining an eye on the present. This philosophy is crucial to success and the Hormel Historic Home is following his example.

Thank you for your support as our team prepares for another 10 years of making and sharing history in the community.

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