Fundraiser Saturday to help support area motocross rider; Kohnke injured in crash near Millville

Published 7:52 am Thursday, September 19, 2019

The motocross community is hoping the city of Austin can rally together to support a local icon in the sport at B & J Bar and Grille Saturday.

The day will feature a fundraiser for Nate Kohnke with a free will donation dinner from 3-7 p.m.

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Kohnke, a 26-year old pro motocross driver from Austin, was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash near Millville, where he had recently purchased a home near Spring Creek Motocross Park in Millville.

Kohnke suffered a fractured femur, pelvis and fractured three vertebrae in his neck. He has yet to fully regained consciousness, but was recently able to give a thumbs-up sign for the first time.

Sonja Dolan is a close friend of the Kohnke family and she is one of the organizers of the fundraiser. She said it didn’t take long after the accident for her and others to begin setting up the event.

“It’s just crazy. Once you start going out there and asking for donations and people have stepped up,” Dolan said. “A lot of my friends’ little kids look up to Nate like an idol. He’s been doing (motocross) for a long time and they all know who is. There’s a lot of people who care about him.”

The fundraiser will include 150 silent auction items and 10 to 15 live auctions. There will also be live music throughout the night.