The Wide Angle: A case for cats saving our lives daily

Published 6:09 am Saturday, August 31, 2019

Fun fact: A cat’s purr is at a frequency of between 25-100 Hertz and some studies have shown that a cat’s purr can improve bone density and promote health — even amongst humans.

Did you also know that a cat traveling at roughly the speed of light feels like a stampeding wildebeest when they jump and run across you?

But really only between 5-6 a.m., when you’re trying to sleep.

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This essentially explains pets. They are always awesome, until they are not. This thought came to me when Nemi the First, First of Her Name and her royal highness of Castle Nemikins, roared across me like a runaway cement truck at about 5:30 a.m. the morning I was writing this.

Sleep with cats is always dependent on what the cat wants. Make no mistake, it’s not because of what you want. I’ve often tried negotiating with them to go back to sleep, but like little furry terrorists it never ends well.

I’ve lived with cats most of my life. More so than dogs in fact. We did have two labs when I was young, but for the most part it’s been cats.

For those not in the know, about five years ago we adopted Buster from the Mower County Humane Society. I’ve talked about Buster before and without going into every detail he’s the most Busterious Buster that’s ever Bustered.

Buster is an adventure in his own right. He whines in the basement until someone comes down to play with him, he loses his mind at the most difficult of times, and we’ve never really figured out if he likes Nemi or just enjoys torturing her.

Now, it should be clarified that it’s partially her fault. He, for the most part, wants to play, but she freaks out every time he comes near her and then a switch gets flipped and Buster goes into psycho mode.

A far cry from the absolute sweetheart that pretty much grifted into our home, with the false narrative that he would be a lap cat.

But while the two have been natural challenges, they have been an absolute necessity in our lives, except for the moment while I was writing this when Nemi decided to claw at our still somewhat new couch, stopping only to look at me with eyes that suggested I was at best a fuddy duddy for not letting her continue with said clawing.

I never knew I could be wrong so often.

Still, pets are immensely necessary in life, for mental wellbeing and just providing an avenue to lose the day. When I have Buster tearing around chasing his favorite string toy, I’m not altogether sure as to who is having more fun.

Let’s be honest for a moment. This world, in this day and age, is becoming a bit of a challenge. We’re unsure an awful lot as to what the next day or even the future will be so far down the line.

What I am sure of is the two furry beasts that come padding up to greet me when I come home.

I just ignore the fact that they probably want food. Then I don’t feel so bad.

The point is, pets are good for our wellbeing. They lift our spirits throughout the day when things are a struggle. They settle a mind when it’s racing.

The fact of the matter is that pets need to be a part of your family, and if they aren’t treated like family, than maybe you need to consider whether you should be a pet owner.

I’m not saying there won’t be times, like you’re actual children, that they won’t try your patience and make you consider grounding them — however you might do that. In the end you might yell at them, but I guarantee you will not kick them off your lap when they jump on it.

Just one piece of advice. Don’t lay on your back at 5:30 a.m. in the morning.