Municipal Pool will be closing on Aug. 16

Published 9:36 am Saturday, August 10, 2019

By Kevin D. Nelson

Austin Parks and Recreation

The last day for the Municipal Pool is Friday, Aug. 16, closing at 4:30 p.m. that day, as is the case with most other Fridays.

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The splash pad will remain open, weather permitting, for public use for a yet-to-be-determined period of time. For extended-season use of the splash pad, please enter through the gate which faces the parking lot to the north. Spray features will be active daily until 8:30 p.m.

A day in the life of Austin’s Municipal Pool co-managers

Ahhh … wake up late again for another leisurely day in the sun … Nope. It’s up to work out (for at least one of them) and then get prepped and to the pool by 9 a.m., to get ready for another day of serving the public, and they are both very available to the public. While neither of them is a lifeguard, they still are not typically locked up in the office, away from the public eye, unless they are attempting to complete daily reports and bank deposits and also ensure completion of swim lesson paperwork, without it blowing around the office.

What else do they do, one might ask?

Kevin Nelson

They inventory all of the concession items, to make certain that there is adequate supply of all of the goodies which many enjoy as treats throughout the summer days and evenings. Those inventory sheets, along with invoices, bank deposit tickets, timesheets, and daily reports, etc. are brought by them to the Parks and Rec office, five days per week.

They also ensure, what we hope to be, better than adequate safety coverage for any pool event by scheduling (and locating substitute) lifeguards for regular shifts and rentals.

They schedule swimming lesson instructors and provide them their needed forms and rosters.

They provide for basic first aid.

They clean pool filters, daily.

They keep an eye on the weather, by both visual spotting of the sky/related conditions and via their “My Lightning Tracker” phone app. They make certain that the pools are cleared when weather is uncooperative and that it’s okay to re-enter again following inclement weather.

They perform chemical tests of the pools (whenever our certified pool operator is not present) a minimum of three times per day. If chemical balances become close to being out of whack, they make certain to contact someone who can address it immediately.

They wash lost and found towels at home and then bring them back for others, including lifeguards, following water entries to use or for the owners to claim.

They ensure that the facility is cleaned each day following use prior to opening the next day.

They report to me and/or the certified pool operator in person, via text, or by phone several times or numerous times per day.

They address all issues and concerns which arise including bullying, theft, lost locker combinations, fence-lookers, etc.

They support and commend their lifeguard staff who have performed over one dozen saves this summer. At times these adolescent and young adult staff can and do have a tendency to seem less than responsible; the managers assist in keeping the lifeguard staff focused.

They are present and very approachable on deck or in the office area, without being overbearing supervisors.

They delegate some limited responsibilities; thus, they aid in nurturing the lifeguards of today to hopefully become some of the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for a great season, aquatics managers, lifeguards, lesson instructors, and concessions staff!

Proper trash disposal

Thank you, to everyone who takes the time to properly dispose of their own trash, or even that of others which they might find in parks and elsewhere.

Our parks staff convey that it’s great when they show up at a park on a morning following a pavilion rental and find that ‘things’ were picked up after the facility users finished with their events.

Conversely, imagine how it feels to be the group following the previous rental, arriving to find that your pavilion was left a mess. Believe it or not, some have the audacity to believe and act as though it is someone else’s job to clean up their mess for them. Thank you to all those who do their part in picking up after themselves (and others via Adopt-a-Highway, Adopt-a-Park, etc.)!

Also, related to trash, some seem to think that it’s fine to bring their home garbage to a trash can or dumpster located on City property. NOT!

Trash ‘receptacles’ are placed in parks for related garbage from events which are held in these parks, not for personal trash from homes, offices, autos, etc. Garbage service for your home (etc.) can be acquired by contacting one of several Austin area businesses which are listed on the internet and in the local phone directory. Thank you for doing right by your community!

Enjoy the final weeks of summer!