Lucy Lawless’ love of true crime leads to new TV show

Published 5:49 am Saturday, August 10, 2019

NEW YORK — The next time you find yourself in a courtroom, look around. There’s a chance you might spot Lucy Lawless there, too.

The actress is fascinated by trials and on days when she’s not working will often go to court as a member of the public. There you’ll find the onetime “Xena: Warrior Princess” trying to look inconspicuous, soaking it all in.

“It just teaches you so much about life and your own society and justice and about yourself,” says Lawless. “It’s really important that we participate in the democracy. That’s a really good way to hold the justice system to the standards of the people.”

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Lawless, 51, has attended a murder trial in her native New Zealand, jury selection for a grisly case in Louisiana and was even at Jeffrey Epstein’s bail hearing in New York last month when the financier faced sex trafficking charges.

On that rainy day, she showed up bedraggled in flip-flops and watched Epstein “shamble in,” acting shaky.