Austin cycling team hosts first meet

Published 6:21 pm Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Austin cycling team held its lone home meet of the year at Schindler’s Way Saturday and Sunday.

The Austin high school team took 11th out of 15 teams and the Austin middle school team took ninth out of 14 teams


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Sixth grade: Gage Soucek (18th, 22:35.3)

Seventh grade: Jacob Winkels (52nd, 25:26.2)

Eighth grade: Ethan Anderson (10th, 18:54.4); Rory Pollock (23rd, 20:48.2); Michael Tschida (26th, 21:16.9); Grant Mareel (38th, 22:27.9)

Freshman: Winston Walkup (ninth, 35:37.9); Ethan Knox (37th, 39:30); Nick Campbell (45th, 41:04.5); Landon Nemitz (47th, 41:27.5)

JV2: Logan Regner (first, 34:44.4); Braden Greibrok (10th, 36:49.3); Braeden Johnson (37th, 38:42.1); Garrett Clark (42nd, 38:58.8)


Eighth grade: Julie Nesvold (12th, 21:07.4); Ella Schultz (13th, 21:16.4)

JV2: Natalie Haynes (15th, 42:30.8); Isabel Stark (16th, 42:48.1)