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Woman charged with breaking into apartment, assaulting resident

Susan Marie Anderson, 53, of Austin was charged with felony first-degree burglary-assault person in building/on property, felony first-degree burglary-occupied dwelling, misdemeanor fifth-degree assault-bodily harm and misdemeanor obstruct the legal process-resist arrest on Thursday in Mower County District Court.

According to the court complaint, police received a report at 1:34 a.m. on Wednesday from a man saying he had been physically assaulted by his neighbor, Anderson, and that her boyfriend, James Slavan, 62, of Austin had stolen his cell phone. Officers responded to his residence, an apartment in the 1200 block of Third Avenue Northwest, and observed that the man was bleeding from his left cheek and had redness on his arms.

Susan Marie Anderson, 53

The man reported that he was in his apartment when Anderson began banging on the door and yelling. Believing she was angry about an earlier incident where he had called the police, he ignored her, but Anderson kicked open the door and charged into the apartment. She initially yelled at him, then began hitting him. Slavan then entered the apartment and stole his cell phone.

Officers made contact with Anderson and Slavan, who were both highly intoxicated. Slavan immediately said they “didn’t do anything wrong” and claimed the man’s apartment was considered “part of our house.” Anderson said the man had not paid rent for several months.

Anderson was agitated and said she went upstairs “because it’s my house.” Slavan interrupted and said Anderson “lunged at (the man) and I pulled her back off of him.” Anderson grew angrier and slammed the door as she went back into the house. Officers continued speaking to Slavan, who said the altercation started because the man was told to “move out.” Slavan claimed the man had let Anderson into the apartment and that he went upstairs when he heard Anderson and the man “getting into it” and “got in between them.” He said the argument was only verbal.

Anderson exited the residence and was interviewed away from Slavan. She told police she went upstairs and kicked the door open because she was angry. She said she “wanted to (expletive) hurt” the man and that she launched herself at him in an attempt to hurt him. She also said Slavan intervened so she would not hurt the man. She told police she wanted to kill the man and indicated his cell phone was in her apartment.

Officers attempted to arrest Anderson, but she ignored their directives and pulled way when they took her by the wrist. They took her to the floor, placed handcuffs on her and took her to the Mower County Jail, where a preliminary breath test showed her to have a 0.19 percent blood-alcohol level.

Slavan gave police the man’s cell phone and was cited for theft.

A review of Anderson’s criminal record shows a prior conviction for domestic assault. Anderson will appear in court again on Aug. 8.