‘We are truly blessed’; New Dominion School students showcase artwork

Published 9:15 am Friday, July 19, 2019

Editor’s Note: Due to school policy, the identities of the New Dominion School students have been withheld.

When New Dominion School students walked into the gymnasium on Thursday, they were greeted by the sight of a brightly colored tree. Not just any tree, a tree made up of recyclables.

Lined up against the walls of the gym were pieces of artwork, created by New Dominion School students. This art show is a way for students to showcase their work. For the theme, students used recyclables to create masterpieces ranging from paper plate dragons, plastic bottle bird feeders and newspaper necklaces.

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“The kids were very excited,” said Christine Peterson, a New Dominion School special education teacher. “They got to make things out of recyclable products. The middle school paraprofessionals found ideas and taught the kids and put this all together.”

Belita Schindler (left) and Lana Kenyon (right) represented Austin Area Arts and judged the artwork made by New Dominion School students. Those who won will have their artwork displayed at the Austin ArtWorks Festival.

Observing the art pieces were Belita Schindler and Lana Kenyon, who were representing Austin Area Arts. They were judging the best work from different categories, and the winners were given a gold sticker. Those students who won will have their artwork displayed at the Austin ArtWorks Festival.

“These students are original and used some creative materials,” Schindler said. “This showcases their talent.”

This was the third art show that New Dominion School hosted, but it was the second time that Austin Area Arts participated in judging the pieces. They usually look for creativity and originality when it came to choosing a winning work.

“We’re looking for something unique, and there are some pieces that you gravitate toward,” Kenyon said. “Anyone can do art, and you don’t necessarily need to go to the art supply store to make pieces.”

New Dominion School students took a look at the various pieces of art that were created for this year’s art show. Winners from the show will have their pieces displayed at the Austin ArtWorks Festival.

For Peterson, she enjoyed seeing students express themselves through their art. She stated that much of the pieces were interpretive and that many would find different meanings in the work depending on their perspective.

“That’s what’s so cool about art,” Peterson said. “It suggests different meanings through the abstractness.”

One of the New Dominion School students expressed excitement over the art show. He had seen his classmates put together their individual pieces as a class. This student said he had already picked out a favorite.

“I like the trees,” he said while pointing to the painted bottles hanging on the tree in the middle of the gym. “That one. I like that one.”

Students finding their creative outlet is something that Peterson said was supported by the community in Austin, and she expressed her gratitude for the people who helped New Dominion School with its show.

“We are so grateful for a community like Austin that has such a strong support for the arts,” she said. “We are truly blessed.”

New Dominion School students used recyclable items to create artwork for this year’s art show. Winners from the art show will have their pieces displayed during the Austin ArtWorks Festival.